Gwynt y Môr: Wave Buoy Maintenance, September 2020

[Update – this work has been completed.  The notice remains as part of the historical record of notices issued for this project.  Please refer to the most recent notice for an up-to-date record of the notices presently in place for this project.  This can be accessed via the project description page here.]

Mariners are advised that one day of maintenance operations are due to be carried out on the wave buoy located at the Gwynt y Môr Offshore windfarm in mid September 2020.  A Notice to Mariners about this operation is summarised below and can be downloaded here.


The vessel Vital is due to recover and redeploy the Gwynt y Môr wave buoy on or around the 16th September 2020.  This date is subject to weather and sea conditions.  The wave buoy is due to be redeployed at the previouly laid position:-

  • Wave buoy: 53°28.615’N 003°30.192’W

It is possible that the buoy may need to be redeployed at an alternative location (53°28.592’N 003°30.153’W).  If this location is used a further notice will be issued.

Vessel details

Vital is a multi-role vessel measuring 17.00m in length, 7.00m breadth and has a max draft of 1.80m, Blue and White in colour.  The vessel details and a link to its present location are given below:-

  • Vital: jack up vessel | MMSI 235100118 | Call sign PCJM

Other vessels are requested to keep well clear and pass slowly with a wide berth, particularly when the vessel is conducting lifting operations.

The vessel will monitor VHF Channel 16 at all times.

Details of this work are specified in the Notice to Mariners that can be downloaded here.

Notices to Mariners

The Notices to Mariners that are currently issued for Gwynt y Môr Offshore Windfarm are listed below:-

  • Wave buoy maintenance, September 2020: this is the notice summarised here.  It was issued on 13th September and advises of maintenance of the wave buoy located at the Gwynt y Môr windfarm.  The notice can be downloaded here.
  • Gwynt y Môr: Benthic Survey, September 2020: this notice was issued on 13th September and advises of survey work due to be carried out to the south and west of the Gwynt y Môr windfarm during September 2020.  The notice can be downloaded here.
  • Jack-up vessel operations, October 2020: this notice was issued on 2nd September 2020 and revised on 13th September.  It advises of  scheduled maintenance operations due to be carried out by the jack up vessel MPI Resolution at two locations within the Gwynt y Môr Offshore Wind during early October 2020. The Notice to Mariners can be downloaded here.

Please contact Jim Andrews, Fishery Liaison Officer by e-mail or phone (+44(0)7908-225865) if you have any queries or concerns about this notice.

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