Manage Subscriptions

If you have already signed up for our e-mail updates, you can manage your subscription here.  It’s easy to check your subscription status and to subscribe and unsubscribe to our other mailing lists.  If you haven’t signed up yet, you should go to our “News Subscriptions” page first of all.

As a security measure we will send you an e-mail confirmation asking you to confirm changes you make to your subscriptions.  If you don’t receive our confirmation e-mail within a few minutes, first check your spam / junk e-mail folder, and if it isn’t there just contact us and we’ll make the changes for you.


I want to add another e-mail addressthat’s simple.  Just logout, and then go to the “News Subscription” page.  Login with the new e-mail address that you want to add.

I want to be removed from all mailing lists – just click on the “Remove” buttons above, and you will be removed from all of the lists.

I want to be deleted from your databasejust contact us and we’ll do it for you.  If you want to join up again at any time in the future, that’s no problem.

Is my information safe?Yes.  Our database is stored on an encrypted server (just like the banks use).  Your information is confidential.  We will never share it with anyone without your permission.

I’m having problemsdon’t worry, just contact us and we’ll sort it out for you.