Hunterston-Kintyre Cable: Notice of completion of works and details of cable route

Mariners are advised that work has been completed on the Hunterston-Kintyre submarine cable in the Firth of Clyde between Ardneil Bay and Port a’Mhiadair.  A Notice to Mariners has been issued by Peelports announcing the completion of the works.  This can be downloaded here, and is summarised below.

The notice to mariners shows a map of the north and south cable routes across the Firth of Clyde.  It also includes a link to spreadsheets the provide the location (latitude and longitude) where rock has been places on the cable route.  These spreadsheets can be downloaded from the Peelports website here.

The maximum height of the rock placement is 2.0 meters above the charted seabed. UKHO will update the Admiralty charts of the cable route in due course but mariners, in particular Submariners and Fishing Vessels using trawls, should be aware of these areas of ‘berm’ on both the North and South cable routes and should navigate with caution.

For further information about this Notice, please contact Estuary Control on 01475-726221 or VHF 12.

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