Update: Mainland – Isle of Jura Electricity Cable

All of the installation and survey work on the cable has now been completed.  The cable was installed an energised on Sunday 7th December 2014, and the survey work along the  cable route was completed on Saturday 13th December 2014.  All of the vessels involved in cable installation and survey work have now left the area.

Information about the cable, including a chart of the cable route and the “as laid” route coordinates can be accessed here.  This information has been issued to the UK Hydrographic Office and Kingfisher Information Services Offshore Renewables and Cable Awareness (KIS-ORCA) to ensure that all mariners are aware of the location of the cable.

During early 2015 further work will be carried out along the cable route to provide the level of cable protection required by Marine Scotland.  Notices to Mariners will be issued ahead of this work, in accordance with the Marine Licence conditions specified by Marine Scotland.

We would like to thank all mariners for their cooperation during the cable replacement and survey works.

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