Gwynt Y Môr Offshore Wind Farm: Deployment of Moorings, May 2022

Mariners are advised that researchers from Aberystwyth University are due to deploy 18 moorings at 3 locations within the Gwynt y Môr Offshore Wind Farm site between the 23rd-26th of May 2022.  Details of the deployment are provided in the Notice to Mariners that can be downloaded here and which is summarised below.


The purpose of this experiment is to examine the movement of fish and shellfish in the vicinity of wind turbines.  It is being carried out as part of a larger “Ecostructure” project which brings together researchers from five leading universities in Wales and Ireland to research and raise awareness of eco-engineering solutions to the challenge of coastal adaptation to climate change. Ecostructure aims to promote the incorporation of secondary ecological and societal benefits into coastal defence and renewable energy structures, with benefits to the environment, to coastal communities, and to the blue and green sectors of the Irish and Welsh economies.

This experiment will use acoustic telemetry to monitor the movement of tagged fish and shellfish around three of the wind turbines in the Gwynt y Môr Offshore Wind Farm.


A total of 18 moorings will be placed on the seabed around three wind turbines in the Gwynt y Môr array.  Six moorings will be placed around each turbine, at a distance of 100m. The locations are listed below:-

  • Turbine H07R: 53°27.084’N 003°37.6836’W
  • Turbine B03A: 53°29.112’N 003°35.7732’W
  • Turbine E13D: 53°28.122’N 003°32.0334’W

These locations are all illustrated in the Notice to Mariners that can be downloaded here.  This notice also shows the configuration of the mooring array around each turbine.

All moorings will consist of 2 pairs of weights with a 70m groundline between them.  There will be no buoys to mark the locaiton of the moorings on the seabed.


The moorings will be deployed by the vessel Gwen Paul M BS115, call sign 2EYG5.  Vessel details are available here.

Further details

If you have any queries about this update please contact Harry Thatcher at Aberystwyth University (


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