Awel y Môr Proposed Wind Farm Update: Newsletter, December 2021

The most recent newsletter for the Awel y Môr windfarm has just been published.  You can access this from the Awel y Môr website here.

The latest newsletter outlines the key changes that have been made to the project design ahead of the planning applications in 2022, and also shares information about an upcoming consultation on a future community benefits package.

The key changes that have been made to the project design are:-

  • Reduced number of turbines – the maximum number has been reduced from the initial proposal of 91 turbines to 35-50 turbines.  The final number will depend on the size of turbines and will be determined nearer to the construction phase.
  • Reduced array area – the maximum array area has now been reduced further to 78km².  This is a reduction of 26% from the original 2020 proposal.

The resulting wind farm will supply sufficient electricity for half a million homes per year.

The next step for the project will be to submit formal planning applications in Spring 2022.  Awel y Môr is a Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project, so will require both a Development Consent Order from the UK Government as well as a Marine Licence from the Welsh Government.  There are several stages to the consenting process which are detailed in the newsletter.

The newsletter also announces the start of the consultation of the community benefits package for the project.  The project team are keen to hear how Awel y Môr could best support the local area.  If you would like to register for the consultation on community benefits, you can get directly in touch with the project team at

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