Deep Green Project: MGS Buoy – temporarily off station, May 2020

Mariners are advised that as part of the ongoing development program for the  “Deep Green” tidal energy project in the Holyhead Deep off the coast of Anglesey, North Wales, the Minesto MGS buoy as been temporarily removed.  Details of this movement are provided in a Notice to Mariners that can be downloaded here and which is summarised below.

Movement of MGS Buoy to Holyhead Harbour

The MGS buoy has been temporarily removed from its position off the coast of Anglesey, approximately 6km west of South Stack to the inner harbour in the Port of Holyhead.

The MGS buoy is a yellow structure, 7m high, 6m in diameter and with a draft of 10m.

The safety zone of 500m which was established on the MGS buoy while in position 53° 17′ 47.739″ N 004° 47′ 45.493″W is now relaxed.

Details about these changes and the MGS buoy can be found in the Local Notice to Mariners which can be downloaded here.

About the Holyhead Deep Project

Holyhead Deep is the starting point for developing Minesto’s unique “Deep Green” marine technology at a commercial scale.  It will be the first low-velocity tidal energy project in the world.

The development of tidal energy production at Holyhead Deep is due to be done in phases.  The first step was the installation of one 0.5MW “Deep Green” demonstrator during 2018.  Following deployment and testing, the ambition is to install further Deep Green devices to a commercial demonstration array of up to 10MW installed capacity.

Further information about Minesto, the “Deep Green” technology and Holyhead Deep can be found on the Minesto website here.

Please contact Jim Andrews, Fishery Liaison Officer by e-mail or phone (+44(0)7908-225865) if you have any queries or concerns about this notice.

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