Western HVDC Link: Irish Sea – Cable Operations, April 2019

[Update – the information in this notice has been superseded by more recent notices.  The notice remains as part of the historical record of notices issued for this project.  Please refer to the most recent notice for an up-to-date record of the notices presently in place for this project.  This can be accessed via the project description page here.]

Mariners are advised that urgent operations are required in an offshore section of the Western HVDC Link cable in the North Channel between the coasts of Northern Ireland and Scotland.  Details of these operations are provided in a Notice to Mariners that can be downloaded here and is summarised below.  Work is due to commence on 17th April 2019.


This work is due to be carried out at the location specified below:-

  • North Channel, Irish Sea: in an area approximately 16.5km east of Donaghadee in Northern Ireland, between the points 054°38.527’N 005°16.090’W to 054°37.482’N 005°15.525’W.

This work is due to commence on the 17th April 2019, weather and sea conditions permitting.  A map showing the location of the work is given in the Notice to Mariners which can be downloaded here.

Vessel details

Details of the vessels involved in these operations, along with the present location can be found on MarineTraffic.com via the links below:-

The vessel will be monitoring VHF Channel 16 throughout the operations.

The vessels involved in this work may be restricted in the ability to manoeuvre and other vessels are reminded to pass at a safe speed and distance.  Fishing vessels are advised to remain a safe distance (approximately 1.5 nautical miles) from the area identified in the Notice to Mariners.

Notices to Mariners

The Notices to Mariners that are presently in place for this project are:-

  • Western HVDC Link: Cable Operations, April 2019 – this notice is described above.  It was issued on the 12th April 2019 and provides information about operations in the North Channel in the Irish Sea.  The Notice to Mariners can be downloaded here.

Earlier notices are all rescinded.

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