Hunterston-Kintyre Cable: Inshore survey work, October 2015

This notice provides a brief update on progress with on the Hunterston-Kintyre undersea cable in the Firth of Clyde.

The vessel Hermes IV has just completed nearshore trenching work at the Kintyre landfall, and is now due to carry out inshore survey work close to the Kintyre and Hunterston cable landfalls.  This work is expected to take place on the 6th-7th October 2015 at Kintyre and at Hunterston on 8th-10th October 2015 (dates and duration of work are weather-dependent).

A Notice to Mariners is due to be issued for this work by Peelports.  We will circulate the notice when it becomes available.

Three guard vessels are presently on station along the cable route and will provide advice to ensure the safety of mariners operating in the area until further notice.  The guard vessels can be contacted on VHF Channel 16.

Please contact Jim Andrews, Fishery Liaison Officer by e-mail or phone (+44(0)7908-225865) if you have any queries or concerns about this notice.

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