Hunterston-Kintyre Cable: Marine installation update, 10th July 2015

Mariners are advised that work on the installation of the Hunterston-Kintyre undersea cables is now due to re-commence on the 15th July 2015.  A brief summary of progress and plans for the completion of the cable installation is provided below.

The first of the two cables was laid in June 2015.  The vessel Nexans Skagerrak is due to start laying the second (north) Hunterston-Kintyre cable on the 15th July 2015, starting at the Hunterston end of the route.  The cable will be laid on the seabed along the route to Port a Mhiadair, Kintyre by the 18th July 2015.  A map illustrating the cable route can be downloaded here.

Trenching work is due to be carried out along the cable route between the 18th and 29th July 2015.  The cable will be buried in all areas where this is possible, and will be protected at locations where this is not possible.

Three guard vessels are presently on station along the cable route and will provide advice to ensure the safety of mariners operating in the area until further notice.

Vessel details

Details of the vessels involved in these operations, along with their present locations can be found on via the links below:-

During marine works construction vessels may be restricted in their ability to manoeuvre.  The guard vessels in operation will provide advice to ensure the safety of mariners and sea users in the area.

Please contact Jim Andrews, Fishery Liaison Officer by e-mail or phone (+44(0)7908-225865) if you have any queries or concerns about this notice.

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