Repair of Kames-Bute Submarine Cable, February 2015

Mariners are advised that repair works are due to be carried out on the Scottish & Southern Energy Power Distribution submarine power cable between Kames and Bute in late February 2015.  These works are being carried out to repair a fault in the cable and ensure continuity of the electricity supply to Bute.

A Notice to Mariners to advise seafarers about this work has been issued by the contractor.  This can be downloaded here and is summarised below

Repair of cable

Cable repair works will be carried out by the vessels Forth Guardsman and Forth Jouster.  While repairs are being carried out, Forth Guardsman will be either anchored or restricted in the ability to manoeuvre.  Forth Jouster will be working as anchor handling tug and dive support vessel.

The repair works will be carried out from approximately 250m from the Bute shore end of the cable, between the following locations:-

  • 55°53.29´N 05°12.83´W and 55°53.28´N 05°12.96´W.

Marine operations are due to commence on Tuesday 17th February 2015 and to be completed by Friday 27th February 2015.  It is anticipated that the actual repair works on site will take 3 days within this period of time (weather and conditions permitting).

The vessels that will be involved in this work are listed below with contact information and a link to their details (including current location):-

During repair laying operations the vessels will be restricted in their ability to manoeuvre.  All vessels will monitor VHF Channel 16 and DSC at all times.

Copies of this notice have been sent to the UK Hydrographic Office, Coastguard, Marine Scotland, Scottish Fishermen’s Federation, and other organisations.  We have also posted it on the internet and e-mailed it to all interested parties that we are aware of.  If you are aware of other individuals or organisations that should be aware of this repair work, please let us know, and / or pass this notice on to them.  Anyone with an interest in this cable can register for updates on the progress of this work on our website here.

Please contact Jim Andrews, Fishery Liaison Officer by e-mail or phone (+44(0)7908-225865) if you have any queries or concerns about these activities.

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