Gwynt y Môr: Survey Operations, May 2016

Mariners are advised that two survey operations are due to be carried out in and around the Gwynt y Môr Offshore windfarm during May 2016.  One survey will involve a local fishing vessel carrying out scientific fishing survey work as part of the monitoring of possible windfarm impacts.  The other survey will be a geophysical sonar survey of a number of wind turbine and inter-array cable locations within the wind farm area.

A brief description of each survey is given below, along with links to the Notices to mariners that have been issued for them.

1. Geophysical survey

The vessel Fugro Helmert is due to carry out a geophysical survey at various wind turbine and inter-array cable locations over a period of up to 8 days, starting on 6th May 2016.  A Notice to Mariners providing details of the vessel and survey operations can be downloaded here.  Operations are briefly summarised below.

The survey work will involve both sidescan and multibeam sonar surveys.  During sidescan survey work Fugro Helmert may be towing equipment up to 150m behind the vessel.  The vessel will be mobilising from Liverpool and will operate on a 24 hour basis.  The vessel details, including a link to its present location, are:-

During the course of these operations the Fugro Helmert may be restricted in her ability to manoeuvre, and other vessels are requested to give a wide berth of at least 200m at all times.  The vessel will display the appropriate lights and shapes as required under the COLREGS Rule 27(b).

2. Scientific Fishing Survey (Tangle Net Operations)

The fishing vessel Quest LK500 is due to be carrying out fish survey work between 16th and 31st May 2016.  These surveys will involve the deployment of four sets of tangle nets (each 1,000 yards long) on the seabed to the south and the west of the wind farm area.  A notice to mariners indicating the location of these survey areas can be downloaded here.

The soak time for each net deployment will be 24 hours.  The nets will stand between 18-24 inches (45-60cm) off the seabed when the tide is slack.  Both ends of the nets will be marked with an orange buoy and Dahn Pole Flag, which will be marked with the vessel number and contact details.

Contact information for the vessel and for the scientific contractors (CMACS Ltd) are:-

  • Quest LK500 | Skipper Andy Hunt | Call sign ZIHZ4
  • CMACS Ltd | Joel Kimber | | +41(0)151 327 7177

During the course of these operations the FV Quest may be restricted in her ability to manoeuvre, and other vessels are requested to give a wide berth at all times.

The exact timing of both surveys may be affected by the prevailing weather and sea conditions.

Please contact Jim Andrews, Fishery Liaison Officer by e-mail or phone (+44(0)7908-225865) if you have any queries or concerns about these notices.

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