Western HVDC Link Update: Geophysical and UXO Investigation

Mariners are advised that survey equipment is due to be used in the Irish Sea (Beaufort Dyke) in late February – March 2015.  A Notice to Mariners has been issued for these operations, which is summarised below and can be downloaded here.

Survey task

A detailed geophysical survey will be carried out along the Western HVDC Link cable route (wihin a corridor extending 30m either side of the cable route) in the Beaufort Dyke area of the cable route.  The area of operations is indicated in the Notice to Mariners.

This survey will be carried out using an ROV  on the seabed and also sonar equipment operated from the survey vessel.

Details of the survey vessel, including a link to vessel details and its current position are given below:-

During the survey the vessel may have restricted ability to manoeuvre, and other vessel are requested to pass at a safe distance and speed.

The Western HVDC Link

The Western Link will be an undersea cable linking Ardneil in the Clyde with the Wirral in north-west England.  Details of the project can be found on our website here.

Cable laying schedule

Installation of the Western Link cable is due to start in the shallow waters at the southern end of the route in October 2014.  The main cable installation campaigns are due to be completed by February 2016.

Further information about the installation schedule and the vessels that will be carrying out this work will be circulated to all interested parties as construction proceeds.

If you have any queries about the Western Link project, please contact Jim Andrews, Fisheries Liaison Officer by e-mail or by phone on +44(0)7908-225865.

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